High Jewelry

Boucheron’s High Jewelry creations are in line with the Maison’s free spirit, and remain a beacon of the French excellence in jewelry. Crafted in the workshop at 26, place Vendôme, Paris, the collections feature unprecedented associations, combining ancestral crafts and modernity, noble and unexpected materials. Each creation becomes a unique piece that regenerates the codes of High Jewelry.

A history of style, Art déco

This year, creative director Claire Choisne delved into Maison Boucheron’s Art deco archives. She extracted the spirit, the line, the radical simplicity of a time when style was all about atttitude. As a perfect echo to modern-day women and men.

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It is this poetry that Claire Choisne reveals to us this year, in a High Jewelry collection that is personal, intimate, almost confidential. She reinterprets the codes of the Maison Boucheron through the lens of her own creative world, where the sky and the earth meet on the line of the horizon.

A raindrop, the passing of a cloud, the movement of a feather, a murmuration… Every piece tells about a suspended instant, as impalpable as ephemeral.

In this 2020 edition, the Maison Boucheron is delighted to offer you a weightless instant of Contemplation led by Claire Choisne, in which she reveals her inspirations.

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Paris, vu du 26

It's not a walk. Much less a stroll. Inspired by Paris, by its architecture and culture, Boucheron's new high jewelry collection explores viewpoints, perspectives and heights.

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Boucheron's Signatures

Frédéric Boucheron, first of the great contemporary jeweller to open a boutique on the Place Vendôme, has always been able to show his visionary spirit through his jewelry collections. This creative daring revealed over the years the true jewelry icons of the Maison. Each of them embodies the freedom to create spirit. From the question mark necklace, through the eternal flowers, to the collection of animals: All creations reflect the Boucheron savoir-faire.

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Nature Triomphante

The Nature Triomphante collection is a tribute, to the beauty of nature first, whose diversity, ideal aesthetic and symbolic abundance offer endless sources of inspiration to BOUCHERON. Next, it is a tribute to the innovative and free spirit of the Maison, which has never ceased transcending the jewelry codes to craft unique pieces of stunning audacity.

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Hiver Impérial

Boucheron introduces Hiver Impérial, a new collection of High Jewelry inspired by the aura of the Far East's vast stretches of snow covered land.

When Boucheron opened a shop in Moscow in 1897, it was the first French jeweler in the city. Its history is therefore closely tied to Imperial Russia, its Slavic heritage and endless expanses. Boucheron brings you three main themes from these regions: Nature, Couture and Architecture.

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26 Vendôme

26 Vendôme. This is the name that the Maison Boucheron chose to give to its new High Jewelry collection. The collection revisits Boucheron’s creative heritage and the genius of its founder in three major themes. “Nature Triomphante", “Architecture Inspirée” and “Porté Couture” become the initiatory steps of a stylistic journey, designed by Claire Choisne’s Studio de Création.

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