Ring size guide

To help you choose your ring, we suggest you print the following ring size chart.

Each circle corresponds to the inside diameter of the ring, the number in the middle is the circumference. So as to determine the size of your ring, you can use a ring that you own and whose size is right for you and compare on the chart to find the corresponding diameter. For the fit to be perfect, the circle on the chart should appear on the inside of your own ring, right next to it

If you are hesitating between two sizes, we advise you choose the larger size.

We recommend you try your ring size on at your jeweler’s: the sales staff at the Maison Boucheron will be happy to help you choose your ring in the best possible size for you.

Also, adjustment to size can be done for certain rings, according to the model, the material or the type of setting: your jeweler can tell you whether the ring you want can be adjusted to size or not.


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